Monday, March 12, 2012

Kikki K for my precious thoughts

Since childhood I have always loved notebooks - notebooks of any kind - lined, unlined, plain, handmade papers, plain paper, old and new, all kinds.  But especially with hard covers and blank pages for your imagination, memories, beautiful words to fill in, sometimes lined to create a space for discipline. I think it makes them so special. Special part of your life. 

I have always journaled my thoughts, views in happy moments and sad ones too. After years, it's amazing to find the handwritten daily memoirs of your own life that we tend to forget at times. 

And hence why these pages filled with thoughts, drawings, sketches became such an important part of my life.

Since I have discovered these, I love simplistic Scandinavian Kikki K designs. The modern feel, not too stark white but mellow off white plain pages. Anyone else loves them ?

Especially this “365 Days” this year it’s in red. And Kikki K gives you some ideas on using this journal too. I love them all !

This year I will simply use it as I flow through the year and rather than remembering the dates, I would track the days. And jot down my sketches, photos, inspirations, words, thoughts, feelings, notes. 

...and yes - notice the beautiful detailing on the cover. *sigh*

Diary writing is truly like talking to myself in the dream world so that I can see where I have come from and where I have reached. Almost meditative. Helps me to stimulate that visual, holistic, intuitive side of my brain.

What do you do to keep a track of your thoughts ?

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  1. Beautiful diary.

    I don´t keep a notebook every day, but especially when I travel long jorney by bus, I love to write in my black wax cover notebook (graph paper). Usully I write something like stream of consciousness. Final result is mix of thoughts and views, detailed points etc. ... and very unclear handwriting :)

    Sorry for my poor English :-[


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