Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Garlic - medicine and spice

Most indian spices are used to delicately enhance the flavour but most of them have therapeutic properties too. I love using garlic in all my dishes....

Put in some onions, garlic and turmeric and you can enhance anything by just adding these three ingredients...!! 

Garlic is an antiseptic, cleanser of the digestive system, fights against various infections, and is even believed to prevent cancer. 

What are some of the integral ingredients in your cooking ? I'd love to know.....


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I'm am trying to start experimenting with cooking and I love using garlic! it's great to hear it had such nutritional value AND flavor. I am looking through your whole blog and I am LOVING your photos! you are quite the photographer ;) ~Lauren Cono

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words Lauren. :) Send me your blog link and we can follow what's happening at each other's end. xx


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