Saturday, September 25, 2010

Italy...the melody of love

Italy intrigued me and caught my fascination straightaway. 

Wherever I went, wherever I casted my eyes, I saw beauty and love everywhere. Italy is filled with historical and artistic treasures that can get overwhelming but nevertheless I 
*soaked up the atmosphere on the streets
*enjoyed looking at the marvellous structures
*admired the paintings without stressing my brain to remember all the names and dates of the artists 
*ate paninis, pizzas and gelatos in the local cafes
*felt the vastness of the dome of the Pantheon
*witnessed the art of Italy, flirtatiousness of Italian men 
*beauty of the italian girls
*felt amore in the air and my heart
*experienced the rustic beauty of Cinque terra, Sienna, Volterra
*tasted beautiful Chianti wine
*soaked the sun in Tuscany
*enjoyed the breathless views of Amalfi coast

I truly enjoyed and felt you - Italy. 

Here's only a little glimpse of what I saw...

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  1. I love the second photograph and third and the one with kid playing and.. I love 'em all !
    And you are a beautiful writer too Neha!! Who knew that!
    So great to get in touch with you again :-)


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