Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joy of baking

I am by no means a cook although I find cooking as one of the creative outlets and like to do something new everytime. and Baking ? I have always been skeptical of baking ...

...never understood the pleasure of baking. I always saw it as a messy, mammoth and difficult task. Recently, like many other beliefs - this belief is slowly changing too. 

I guess there is a certain beauty in procedures involved in baing ~ mixing, turning and estimating ......and then 'being patient' to experience the delight of the sweet in the oven.

Beauty in the wait, anticipation, eagerness to taste. Beauty in perfecting the art. 

I spent today baking cookies and cake - not the most perfect in shape but spectacular in taste and ....eggless . Yup ~ eggless chocolate and oats cookies and eggless chocolate cake. 

 I found a great idea for a gift too. 
Simple recipes made with lots of love. 

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