Monday, December 27, 2010

Change the course of life

Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. - John Lennon

.....or living life created by others for you or just living for others. 

It has been a few months since I left the corporate world. Whilst I used to enjoy my job, I wanted to break the shackles of 9 to 5 routine. I am loving my life so far, filled with absolutely everything that I enjoy and most of all - the flexibility of doing what I want to and when I want to. Like floodlights suddenly came out in a groping darkness. 

The other facet is like a riot has broken out. I have been facing other challenges since then - time management, discovering myself, discipline etc.  It's like weeding out thing after another which I didn't realise existed. But it's a self exploration journey to see what works for me. 

I am not sure why but people around me seem to have the perception that if you are not in a drudging,routine job and not paying homage to your boss everyday - you are not 'working'. You are not doing something worthwhile. Isn't living the way you want to, worth a while ? 

And let me tell you - I like to be my own boss is the biggest reason. 

I enjoy freedom, intelligent conversations, adventure, solitude, reading, arts, creating things, meeting interesting people, discovering myself, new challenges. 

Sometimes I spend hours explaining that it's like coming out of oppression of the corporate world and taking in charge of my own destiny, creating it myself. 

I love that I can create my own routine, fill it with things I always needed time to do. I love the variety of things I can get involved in.  To me, it's ultimate freedom and I am proud that I am brave enough to change the course of life when I want to. 


  1. Neha, I so hear you on this! I lit out on my own a few years back and this was the question that people constantly plagued me with: "but what do you do all day?". Irritated the hell out of me! There's nothing like having time to reflect and absorb I feel!

  2. Yes absolutely GB - i get that question too and somehow people just seem too presumptuous that my day is simply eating and sleeping. It's quite the contrary to this because this is not what I left the corporate world for. But I think I just seem to have an unconventional way of thinking - and no qualms about it. :) Write to me more about yourself - would love to hear from you.


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