Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life to me.....

is not about the colour of the skin but the colour of the heart,
is not about the bundle of notes but bundles of joy,
is not about the length of your car but depth of your heart,
is not about standing out but standing up,
is not about chatter but about conversations,
is not about pleasure but about happiness,
is not about racing ahead but about evolving in life,
is not about proving to someone else but to yourself,
is not just about my native traditions but my own values and beliefs,
is not just about liking but all about loving,
is not about owning a piece of land but conquering the world,
is not about the information but about the knowledge and wisdom,
is not about who you know but about who understands you,
is not about where but how you have grown up,
is not about what you want to be but what you are today,
is not about the gifts but about giving,

is not about being aspirational but about being inspirational
Is not about the nation you belong to but about the kind of person you are !

( I often revisit this note that I wrote sometime ago just to see if it's still true with me and it is )


  1. Beautifully written and oh so true!

    Loved the "evolve" bit.

  2. So Meaningful...
    Loved the snap too...'heart-warming' and the lines sum it up so well!

  3. Thank you GB and Sandeep. :)


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