Friday, January 28, 2011

Let other people sparkle

Asking for help seems to be a sign of weakness, giving compliments means acknowledging that other person is better than you, asking for feedback seems such a vulnerable task. It indeed is easier than what it may seem like.

We can't and we don't live our lives alone. We share, We embrace. And it's so much more fun that way.

When we help someone rise up, when we help someone shine, when we put that spotlight on someone - we say to ourselves that we are greater than the meager ego and we rise above in true sense. Believe me - it's the best thing we can do for our self esteem.

I believe we all get our brightness from various sources - from the buddhist monks chanting, from the Indian priests reading the mantras, someone stranger who is passing all the love to the universe, someone meditating and praying to bring peace, someone hoping for success.

There is so much positive energy around. It just takes some self realisation and acknowledgement to harness that energy. So let's try to acknowledge someone's beauty everyday....and in turn open our hearts to receive some of that ourselves. 


  1. Yes, it is good to share good ideas and thoughts.
    Helping others inflat is helping ourselves, we all grow together.
    We need to learn everyday.

  2. Dear Neha,
    I've been meaning to comment you for a while now - I love stopping by your blog and sharing in your wonderful images and words.
    Some circumstances in the last year or so have kept me away from my photography for one reason or another (I'm not sure if it's just time or somekind of disconnection with it) but I must say that seeing the passion you have developed and your wonderfully sensitive and in-tune eye inspires me! It reminds me what it is that I found so magical about photography and that it is as much about helping you to look for and see the beauty in everyday moments as anything else - and definitely much more so than trying to perfect a technical skill.
    Thank you for your beautiful soul dear Neha. Much catch up soon for coffee & muffin

  3. Hey Bek - Thanks so much for such a heart warming message. I think it's something worth posting as a seperate entry !

  4. wonderful thoughts here. thanks for sharing neha


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