Monday, January 10, 2011

What do you do when you face a confronting situation ?

A few years ago, I used to retreat in. I would simply go quiet, really quiet but my mind will be in a huge turmoil. Confusion, uncertainty, disturbance.

Over time I realised, it wasn't in anyway making me stronger or better. It was eroding my energy.  The situation would keep worsening ( because I won't muster the courage to face and resolve it ) and I would keep hiding from own conscience.

This was one of the things refraining me from living life fully, from living my life the way I envisaged !

Over time, I taught myself to take small steps, build references to reinforce the belief that "tackling a situation, coming out and fighting it ( and this doesn't mean arguing like hell for sure...!! ) makes the situation far better than hiding in your shell".

It could simply mean saying ' Sorry ' to someone, giving them feedback or just telling someone something to protect your honour and harmony.

We live more fulfilled lives and get stronger when we stand like a wall and face the world.

Be clear in your own conscience and that's all that matters. People will judge you anyway, but dealing with a difficult situation will certainly make 'you' much stronger as a person.

I can vouch for that.

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