Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some of the self-commands

Defining something is the first step to achieving it. Overtime I have made some self-commands - these are of course work in progress ( always will be !) and only some of them.

I will choose 'fearless' over 'popular'
I will follow my heart and value my 'values'
I will live my life according to those values 
I will admire people who are worth it
I will be careful of energy vampires
I will watch myself when I am jealous and take myself out of that place almost instantly
I will pay genuine compliments anywhere and everywhere I feel someone is deserving
I will freely admit I am wrong
I will not stop questioning the status quo and thinking deeper
I will surround myself with inspirational people
I will cut down on 'social friends' and choose to be with the real ones
I will choose 'right' over 'safe'
I won't whine and cry but choose to do something to resolve
I won't seek external motivation but seek it internally
I won't stay put - I won't stagnate

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