Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why 26 January is special ?

It's officially known as Australia Day! 

It's special for its meaning. First fleet arrived at Sydney Cove in 1788. Special for the coincidence (or by some strategic alignment of the stars) that it falls on the same day as Indian Republic Day. 

Because it truly denotes the Australian spirit of enjoying, being merry and really living in the beauty of the water and nature. 

Water, surfing, havaianas, swimming, beaches, sand are so iconic to Australian living. 

So what better way to celebrate this special day than heading out in the water ?! That's what millions of people did today in Australia. 

I often feel that many Australians have a cultural understanding of enjoying 'little pleasures' in life which is absolutely invigorating. There was something magical in the air !

Also, on this day, so many immigrants like myself make Australia their home for rest of their lives in the Citizenship ceremony in all the capital cities. 

It truly is a day to give fellow Australian a hug ! And personally it's a day when I say "Thanks" to Australia for giving me the beautiful life and peace of mind and making me a part of you. 


  1. Oh.. Happy Australia day.. oh.. yes it is special.. I remember being in AUS on this day... years ago.. and the celebrations are special..

    We spent.. Easter time in Sydney once.. and I cant seem to forget the awesome stuff they had going near the harbour.. Impressive!!

  2. Yes Indeed Patricia. Aussie towns come to a new life on this day. I love seeing that. :)

  3. Wonderful colours and scenes, Neha. Just amazing way to capture the day!! Really like the way you have used the blues and greens to perfection!!!

  4. oh what a spirit and energy!! even the pictures make me happy !!

  5. fantastic images, great series

  6. even i was wondering,why is it special,this was lovely,other than the happy republic that comes every year.wonderful images must say,neha


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