Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Japan in Australia

'Matsuri' or Japanese festival was recently held just around the corner where I live.  
Beautiful Japanese girls in their beautiful kimonos, 

Japanese Art groups...

Lovely handmade ceramics... ( I loved it !!!!!!) 

Competition of painting the Japanese Umbrellas....

Amazing display of strength and skill at Taekwondo performance.....

Origami...( got more inspired to learn ... I have been planning to do this for a while !)

Of course..the poise of Japanese beauties... 

Japanese Calligraphy... or Shodo

..lots of laughs..

...and these drummers group called 'Taiko' were simply spectacular.
I just could not get enough of their performance and music. What a thunder they brought to the air...magical !! 

That's another reason I love Australia - so many people from variety of backgrounds adopt this country and make it their home...and as a result make it so exciting and colourful. 

We learn and grow together, eat different food, share each other's stories, exchange the experiences and live a rich life. 

Thank you Australia ! 

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