Friday, October 1, 2010

Life is often about ordinary things...and special people

My mother in law is a wise and an extremely loving lady, who inspires me to derive joy from simple things in life.

I have seen her getting so much joy in doing plain routine things - plucking apples from the trees, sharing some old stories, looking over old pictures, and reminiscing over old friends and times spent with them or cooking for us - her children. An extraordinarily caring person also having an incredible power to fight for a just cause and to protect her children. I guess that instinct somehow automatically comes with being a mother...

She tells me that it's often the joy from ordinary things that give a new meaning to life. 

A pretty silver bowl which she gave me when I was leaving India.... reminding me of everything that she stands for. She is indeed a special person in my life...

... here's to a mother !


  1. I like this title.. how true :)

    hi.. juz stumbled upon your blog and found it inspiring with beautiful photos of life.
    Keep it up.


  2. Thanks for your kind words DoodleDesign ! :)

  3. the hand-pained paper (?) is lovely!! & i think we have the same bowl :)

  4. How Lovely MPG - where did you get yours from ?


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